LE Comfort Control Range

VapaNet LED units are a single step system that can readily accept a proportional control signal to operate by, power efficiently, increasing or decreasing the water volume in the cylinder with a commensurate change in the steam production. The response rate of this action makes the ‘LED” ideal for comfort control applications.

The units can be used as comfort control stand alone units or the advanced software management program can be configured for the LED to be used as a single step “slave” to a proportional control “LEPD” master.


  • Room Distribution Units. Where the LE system is to be used in a free discharge application Room Distribution Units can be utilised to disperse the generated steam direct into the conditioned space.

Key features

  • Advanced software management program. The Vapac developed VOS-6 management program is a ground breaking package that ensures the long term performance of the humidifier regardless of the quality of raw water that it is supplied with.
  • Capacity Range. There are units producing from 5 kg/hr to the new 55 kg/hr single cylinder unit and its twin cylinder sister unit at 110 kg/hr.
  • Control. The VapaNet range of units have the ability to operate from any one of six proprietary DC analogue signals or to any BMS system using the LON open system protocol.
  • Stainless Steel drip tray.
  • Drain Pump.



LE Comfort Control Range