Environmental Monitoring

Emerson Network Power offers a variety of opportunities for control and monitoring of Liebert cooling equipment such as SD communication, moisture sensors, ColdFire Large Display, ICOM Teamwork, SmartAisle and SuperSaver.

Liebert Supersaver

Liebert Supersaver

Emerson Network Power has developed and patented a clever way of aligning ice water machines and computer room coolers to maximize energy efficient operation of computer room cooling. It is called the Liebert Supersaver. All management is internally ICOM regulator supplied cooling equipment. Only ethernet cabling between all cooling units are needed.

Liebert Smart AisleTM

Liebert Smart Aisle

Emerson Network Power has a patented method for controlling cooling of dataracks in a very energy efficient way; The Liebert Smart Aisle TM.

Liebert LT Leak detection

LT Leak detection

Emerson Network Power provides Liebert LT leak guards for reliable warning of potentially hazardous moisture leaks. Both point sensor LT410 and zone sensor LT460  can be easily monitored via a local signal and any central operating system.