iSeries is a true novelty in the sector of winter and summer air-conditioning systems.
It is entirely regulated by sophisticated DC Inverter electronics developed in Italy by Argoclima technicians. It is produced in Italy with the most advanced technology available for the production of electronic boards.
The use of renewable energy is at the basis of any choice regarding the iSeries system. It is the first heat pump multi-split inverter, which creates different configurations with the same outdoor unit. No more borders between air/air, air/water and mixed systems.

iSeries: designed in Europe to work all over the world!

  • The same units for residential and commercial applications
  • The same outdoor units for Mono and Multi split
  • 70% fewer references to manage
  • Flexible combination of direct expansion and hydronic
  • Domestic hot water always available, also while cooling
  • Wide range of air to air outdoor units, including hydrokit units for radiating floor, radiators and fan coils
  • SDHV, flexible nylon ductable system
  • Operates from -32°C to +50°C
  • Highly technological inverters
  • All included
  • Designed and built in Italy

iSERIES is a split system with a feature that has never been seen before: the same outdoor units are both mono and multi, they do not change based on the application and are compatible with all the indoor units in the iSERIES range. Six outdoor units are available to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers, covering a modulated heat output range from 0.6 kW to over 13 kW; the range will be further extended up to over 22 kW.

The indoor units in the iSERIES range are divided into categories by power output and by application.

There are four power output categories:

  • size A for heating up to 4 kW
  • size B for heating up to 7 kW
  • size C for heating up to 11 kW
  • size D for heating up to 14 kW

Thanks to the iSERIES sophisticated inverter regulation system, the classic references of rated power outputs are replaced by a greater flexibility and the number of product codes and references is reduced by 70%.

The application categories are:

Air/Air type:

  • AW wall mounted
  • AF two-way underfloor
  • FC underfloor – reversible for ceiling mounting
  • SD underfloor – reversible for built-in ceiling mounting (slim ducted)
  • AS cassette for false ceilings
  • AD mono and multi-zone ductable
  • SDHV high speed ductable

Air/Water type:

  • HK Hydrokit for underfloor systems, radiators and fan coils
  • eMixfor domestic hot water

Great flexibility in the combination of different types and categories of indoor units allows many different applications to be realised that before required the use of different systems that were difficult to integrate with one another.

  • Air/air mono-split, from a typical high quality residential split unit system to solutions for small service sector applications, offices, restaurants, bars… also multi-zone systems with ductable units… or for special applications such as containers, motor homes…
  • Air/air multi-split, a classic solution for the summer air conditioning of apartments and villas but also for heating and cooling offices, shops and small service sector applications in general.
  • Air/water mono-split, this solution is commonly used for heating and cooling with underfloor systems, but can also be used with low temperature radiators or fan coils, even in combined and multi-zone combinations.
  • Air/water multi-split mixed with air/air, a new solution that offers a wide spectrum of applications. With this system we can create a underfloor system with two zones and at the same time air condition a cellar and loft conversion with an air/air unit suited to these spaces: wall mounted, underfloor with two-way flow or maybe even ductable.
  • Domestic hot water, the revolutionary eMix and eMix tank units make it now possible to produce domestic hot water 365 days a year in any operating mode, for both heating and cooling. The function for the production of hot water while the system is in cooling mode is extremely innovative.

iSERIES sis a primary and integrated system for heating, air conditioning, air treatment and domestic hot water production, entirely based on a sophisticated technique employing high efficiency inverter heat pumps, a renewable energy source that can be combined with thermal and photovoltaic solar power.
The flexibility of the iSERIESTM system satisfies the requirements of the residential market and small service sector applications: from the simplest high quality split unit systems to multi-zone systems with underfloor systems, to multi-split systems for apartments, offices and public spaces…