Data Logging Solutions & Monitoring Systems

Comark offers a range of solutions for logging data, from small battery-operated Data Loggers to Professionally Installed Monitoring Systems. For simple remote logging we offer Standalone Data Loggers. These are small battery operated Data Loggers that offer a wide range of measurement parameters from Temperature through to Pressure (via Multi-Parameter Loggers). Low powered battery Data Loggers are ideal for applications where monitoring is taking place remotely, but where crucially, the monitoring history is key.

If your requirement is for something a little more comprehensive and you have an available WiFi network, then the RF300 WiFi Dataloggers (and Plug & Play WiFi System) may be more suited. With the RF300 range of Data Loggers you can very quickly and easily setup monitoring over a wide area, using your existing WiFi network and send live data back to a PC – or to the Comark Cloud – which can then be viewed 24/7 from any Internet enabled device.

If on the other hand you need a Professional Monitoring System, with features such as immediate alarm notifications, from a fully validated system that meets the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11, then look no further than RF500. RF500 is a premier line Professional Wireless Monitoring System that uses advanced low-power Wireless Mesh Technology, to ensure always-on active monitoring.

Please note that not all of our Radio Frequency and Wireless Products are available in every territory. If in doubt, please contact Comark, or your local Comark Distributor/Reseller for further information.

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